PrintIs social media part of your everyday business? Are you using social channels for marketing, business development, and/or learning? We’d like to hear your thoughts!

There are many ways HVAC pros can benefit from participating in online networks, from reaching local homeowners to showcasing your latest project installations to getting customer reviews and referrals. Lets look at specific ways participation on social networks can benefit your business.

ABC: Always Be Connected to Opportunities

ABC is a great acronym for “Always Be Connected”. We’d add – stay connected to opportunities. Social media channels provide many opportunities to keep in touch with industry peers, stay ahead of the latest industry and product trends, and receive updates about educational and training opportunities.

Participate: Participating in professional on-line networks is an easy way to communicate with people who have the same interests, whether picking the right product for an application, solving a challenging installation problem, or comparing best installation practices.

Learn: Social media also provides a unique professional learning environment where HVAC Pros come to gather, share notes, ideas, successes and challenges. It is easy to get updates about manufacturer’s trainings and upcoming industry events.

Get Noticed: On your branded company’s channel, you can showcase your latest project installations to get customer reviews and referrals. On Facebook, for example, each business page includes customer feedback and reviews. Once your project is showcase ready, simply post and installation photo with your comments. Then thank your peers and customers for feedback!

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