What makes Lady Bird Johnson Middle School unique?

Lady Bird Johnson Middle School in Irving, TX is the largest net zero public school in the country, and the first net zero public school in Texas. 
As a net zero building, the 152,000-square-foot facility produces more energy than it consumes with the aid of Bosch geothermal and other sustainable technologies.

Built four years ago, the school continues to operate at maximum efficiency and has become a point of pride for the community. The building generates electricity from wind turbines and a large-scale photovoltaic system. Bosch ground-source geothermal heat pumps provide the air conditioning and heating. They use the constant ground temperature to cool the classrooms in summer and heat them in winter. This switchover enables the school to reduce its energy costs by 70 percent.

The school’s building itself is a three-dimensional learning space, where students can learn about environmental stewardship, cutting-edge renewable energy technologies and building materials, and everyday conservation practices. Teachers actively incorporate green building concepts into the lesson plans, while giving students opportunities to be actively involved in the school community as sustainability ambassadors.

“The real beauty of what’s happening goes beyond net zero, beyond the technology. Our kids are spreading knowledge to their homes and their communities. That’s the real takeaway here. The world is changing, and we need to change right along with it. What our kids are getting here is invaluable. It’s not just a lesson in a classroom—sustainability is now what they’re living. Their passion opens up a dialogue, one that leaves the school and inspires action that can help change the world,” says Lady Bird principal Carrie Daniels.

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