Boiler Training

Bosch Greenstar Approved in NH and VT

Installation and troubleshooting. Wiring near boiler piping, venting and fuel supply are also discussed as are the importance of heat loss and stack temperatures.

Buderus GB142/GB162

Classes above cover features and benefits of condensing technology and the functional aspects and benefits of boiler modulation. Proper heat loss calculation, general system piping and wiring, test equipment and boiler commissioning Cleaning and servicing of the boiler as well as testing for boiler water quality are also covered in this full day class. This is an advanced class and attendees should have a minimum of 2 years experience

Buderus Cast Iron for Gas and Oil

Will cover conventional and condensing technology. Wiring near boiler piping, venting and fuel supply are also discussed as are the importance of heat loss and stack temperatures. It is expected that class participants have at least 2 years oil installation and trouble shooting experience

Piping 101 – Basic Hydronics

Piping installation involving gas pipe sizing, material selection, proper installation and pressure and leak testing of piping is also covered. Basic gas theory involving a thorough understanding of the physical properties and characteristics of propane and natural gas will be covered

Tankless Training

Bosch Greentherm* NATE approved for CEU

Proper installation and maintenance of your tankless water heater can optimize energy efficiency. Learn about applications that will work best for you. Class includes fuel type, climate, Bosch bypass valve unique features and factors that will ensure proper installation and high performance.

Geothermal Systems

Geothermal Fundamentals

Covers the possibilities that can be achieved when using Geothermal in residential and commercial applications. (4hrs)

Performance Verification NATE and AL approved for CEU

Essential Startup and Commissioning , operation diagnostics and servicing. (4hrs)

Ground Heat Exchanger NATE and AL approved for CEU

Service, repair and the selection of specific loop applications. Pressurized and non pressurized systems. (4hrs)

Geo Hydronics NATE and AL approved for CEU

Learn about the endless possibilities of water-to-water applications and explore the Bosch W2W unit’s capabilities. (4hrs)

Equipment Selection and Applications NATE and AL approved for CEU

The class provides essential step-by-step design process and sequence of installation. It will focus on equipment. selection and criteria for selection, as well as proper sizing. (4hrs)

Geothermal Heat Pump Refrigerant Circuit Analysis NATE and AL approved for CEU

Diagnostics and symptoms will be discussed along with routine maintenance and how to prevent a catastrophic refrigerant loss. (4hrs)

Pipe Fusion NATE and AL approved for CEU

In this class students will learn all types of HDPE fusion methods, identifying what type of fusion is stronger or better than another. Hands on and certification with Bosch. (4hrs)

GeoSolutions Software

Learn how to use the Bosch Geo- Solution in tandem with a proper heat loss/heat gain calculation to determine appropriate amount of loop length for the application as specified in the Geo-Solutions tool. (4hrs)

Advanced Diagnostics and Troubleshooting NATE and AL approved for CEU

Become the GURU of your organization with a logical approach to issues no one else can find. (4hrs)

Introduction to Bosch Residential Controls NATE and AL approved for CEU

What the control boards are and what the sequence of operation is, as well as basic controls terms